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Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Vietnam constituency

Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Vietnam form a constituency that collectively represents their interests at the Board of Directors at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

The constituency is currently led by Director Mr Chris Legg of Australia and Alternate Director Ms Dasha Richards of New Zealand.

As the main representative of the constituency, the Director is the primary contact for AIIB Management and consults proactively with all other members of the constituency in seeking to understand their views and shape a shared constituency position on issues considered by the Board of Directors. Similarly, the Alternate Director takes a leading role in assisting the Director to represent the interests of the constituency.

Under the constituency’s agreed arrangements, the Director role is a two-year term and the Alternate Director role is a one-year term. Over the first 20 years, it is agreed that Australia will take the Director role six terms out of 10, Vietnam twice, and New Zealand and Singapore one each. Australia will fill the Alternate Director role whenever another country fills the Director role.

Year Director Alternate
1 Australia Singapore
2 Vietnam
3 Australia New Zealand
4 Vietnam
5 Vietnam Australia
6 Australia
7 Australia Singapore
8 New Zealand
9 New Zealand Australia
10 Australia
11 Australia New Zealand
12 Singapore
13 Singapore Australia
14 Australia
15 Australia New Zealand
16 Vietnam
17 Vietnam Australia
18 Australia
19 Australia Singapore
20 Vietnam

In its interactions, the constituency is guided by a shared commitment to transparency, inclusiveness and open engagement among its members.

Information on the operation of the constituency may be found at Guiding Principles for the Operation of the Constituency.

Chris Legg – Director

Chris Legg is Treasury’s Chief Adviser responsible for monitoring developments in China and their implications for Australia. He represents Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Vietnam on the Board of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. 

He has had extensive experience in the Treasury and at Australia’s Office of National Assessments, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund on international economics, foreign investment, the financial system, national security and infrastructure.

In 2014, the DC based Woodrow Wilson Center for Public Scholars published his book, International Cooperation in a Time of Transition: The IMF, G20 and the Global Financial Crisis.  

Chris Legg

Dasha Richards – Alternate Director

With nearly 15 years of experience in New Zealand’s public sector, Dasha has held several senior positions across a number of the Treasury’s key policy teams. Her work over the years has required her to advise on a diverse range of macroeconomic, Budget, and regulatory issues.

She was the Economic Advisor to the Minister of Finance from 2009 to 2012 and has valuable experience working with New Zealand’s Executive. Ms Richards also worked in the Treasury’s own Office of the Executive for two years, serving as the Chief of Staff and Manager of Engagement during this time.

At present, Ms Richards is the Manager of the International, Overseas Investment and Financial Markets teams. Over the past year, these teams have been responsible for developing policy solutions for complex issues related to overseas investment, the Reserve Bank Act Review, and a range of other issues in the multilateral, trade, and fiscal policy space.

Ms Richards has a Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences Honours degree from Waikato University with majors in Finance, Economics and Math.