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Career Opportunities

The AIIB is continually investing in developing and refining its operations to support the significant role it will play in funding infrastructure projects across Asia. To support its growth, the AIIB continues to seek out talented professionals to join its ranks.

Through the Young Professionals Program, the AIIB is seeking to recruit young professionals in the early stages of their careers to develop, enhance and leverage their skills and expertise while acquiring hands-on experience. The program is open once a year and the program will last for two years. To find out more about the Young Professionals Program visit the AIIB’s website here

Postgraduate students can apply to join the AIIB’s Internship Program. Interns receive a monthly allowance and have the costs of their travel to Beijing covered. The program is open twice a year and each opportunity lasts two to three months.

The Bank also seeks out talented individuals with more experience. The Bank continually updates its website as new opportunities arise.

The Bank is a cultural ‘melting-pot’ with colleagues drawn from many nationalities. We encourage you to share these opportunities with anyone interested in being part of this new purpose driven institution.